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We’re a boutique legal-linguistic firm with a scientific twist! Having lawyers and a scientist on our team allows us to provide quick, accurate and efficient language services to government agencies, law firms, law schools, transnational NGOs, bar associations, financial institutions, and corporations – and more!

Because we believe in mastering our profession, we only specialize in three distinct fields:

Finance and corporate law

Whether your assignment is a simple standardized contract, or a complex project financing document, we’re well acquainted with language and law, hence your documents are in safe hands.

What we translate:

  • Annual financial reports
  • Corporate charters
  • Minutes of meetings
  • Prospectuses
  • Bylaws
  • Securities filings
  • Insurance policies
  • Merger and acquisition and joint venture agreements

Not on the list?

Interesting fact: Ana Gauz has a certificate in translation (English to Portuguese) from New York University.

Jurisprudence and academic papers

Did you know that our team has translated for five Nobel Prize laureates, the Dean of Yale Law School, the Dean of University of Palermo and several other internationally renowned authors? They trusted us with their documents, and you can trust us too.

Would you like to know more?

What we translate:

  • Academic papers for local and international journals
  • Books and articles on law and jurisprudence for local and international authors and publishers
  • Other non-fiction and law related publications

Not on the list?

Interesting fact: Paula edited her University’s law journal while attending law school and continued to do so until she completed her PhD studies.

International law and human rights

We work for NGOs and other non-state actors who appear before the UN denouncing human rights violations in different parts of Latin America. For this field of specialization, we not only provide English or Spanish translation, but we are able to provide a legal assessment of your reports to be consistent with international law and standards.

What can we do for you?

  • Translation of reports, submissions, open letters, amicus briefs and other relevant documentation
  • Assessment of reports in terms of law standards and vocabulary
  • Help drafting and adapting documents to international standards

Not on the list?

Interesting fact: Paula Arturo is a member of the public policies forum of the Supreme Court of Argentina.

If your document falls under one of these categories, please get in touch for a free quote and assessment of your project.

Apart from specializing in legal English, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese translation, what sets us apart is our innovative and science-oriented approach to translation.