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We’re Translating Lawyers
Legal translations for English, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese

We’ve created our own translation processes and quality assurance steps to ensure that your legal projects get the best out of both worlds – this is where science meets language!

Our mission…

… is to provide you with the highest quality service at the most competitive fees. To that effect, the language aspect of our business is run and overseen by lawyers for lawyers, while the processes that make it all possible are tailored and streamlined by our engineer, putting the best of the world of science at the service of the law.

The people behind Translating Lawyers

Paula Arturo

Paula is a lawyer, translator, and former law professor with over 15 years’ experience in the language business.

Key facts about Paula:

  • An established translator of non-fiction works in jurisprudence, international law, and human rights law.
  • Translated highly complex works and publications in major international journals for high-profile authors, including 5 Nobel Prize Laureates and other internationally renowned jurists.
  • Former editor of the University of Palermo’s Law Journal, the first in its class in Latin America, focusing on international human rights law and constitutional law throughout the region.

As a result of her passion for human rights law, she personally provides legal linguistic consulting services to transnational NGOs and other non-state actors denouncing human rights violations before the United Nations in the framework of the Universal Periodic Review Process and other Human Rights Reporting Cycles.

Paula is a member of the Leadership Council of the American Translators Association’s Literary Division, Head of the Legal Department of the International Association of Professional Translators and Interpreters, and a Member of the Public Policies Forum of the Supreme Court of Argentina.

Pablo has a degree in engineering from the University of Buenos Aires, the best ranked university in his native Argentina, with several published works in his field.

Key facts about Pablo:

  • Not a translator himself, he is an expert in business optimization processes.
  • Specializes in consulting and streamlined strategies, applying a risk and science-based approach to translation processes.
  • Works closely behind the scenes with our team to optimize every part of the process from analyzing and quoting jobs, to project coordination and management, to technical support and ensuring confidentiality for a timely and optimal delivery.
  • His translation business engineering is a scientific approach to the language process unlike any other in the market.

Passionate about applying science to the business world, Pablo set out to establish his first business at a very young age while still in engineering school. Over the years, he has applied his practical, technical, and academic know-how to expanding numerous small and medium-sized businesses that relied on his consulting services to meet their short and long-term goals. Pablo’s most recent business venture, upon partnering with Paula and Ana, is to bring all that know-how to the language industry, specifically to the legal field with its particular challenges and complexities.

Pablo Klammer

Ana Gauz

Ana is an ATA Certified legal translator with a Bachelor of Law degree from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She has been living in the East Coast of the United States since 2009, where she has embedded herself in the English language and American culture, honing her previous work experience in Brazil and insider’s view of key legal and tax related language to bring quality and accuracy to her translations.

Key facts about Ana:

  • Certified by the American Translators Association for English to Portuguese Translation.
  • Received a certificate in translation (English to Portuguese) from New York University.
  • Worked at the Court of Justice of Rio de Janeiro for four years.
  • Has many years’ experience in the tax department of multinational companies in Brazil.
  • Ana is a proud collaborator of Autismo em Tradução, a website dedicated to serving the autistic community.

Her commitment to social causes and human rights led her to volunteer as a translator for the United Nations. In addition, Ana is a member of the American Translators Association and Delaware Valley Translators Association, and is part of the Leadership Council of the ATA Literary Division.